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About Us

Growing up, some of our favorite memories revolve around being out in the open mountain air, fishing, camping, and shooting. It is from those memories that we developed our love for everything related to shooting and guns. In our later 'grown up' years we got involved in a family chocolate business...which opened the door to

We are so lucky to be able to combine our passion for shooting, with our love of chocolate. & the Chocolate Ammo, Chocolate Bullets, & Chocolate Handguns

You know, whenever anyone mentions chocolate...what comes to mind? Happy thoughts? Probably... Guns & Bullets? Probably not...unless you're us :) Because we believe life and work is meant to be enjoyed and not just endured, we decided to take a fun idea (the Chocolate Bullets) and make it into a reality. The Chocolate Ammo, Chocolate Bullets, and Chocolate Handguns were developed as a way to bring our passion for humor, shooting, and chocolate all together into one explosive package.

Based in sunny San Diego, we make it a point to enjoy everything we do...which is why our line of Chocolate Ammo exists.We are dedicated to finding and producing not only products that are tasty, and delicious, but ones that are full of fun, laughter, and bring fond memories. Afterall, we're all gonna die someday...why not go out with a (chocolate) BANG?!? :)

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We hope you enjoy our site, and our products.