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Chocolate Guns (Available October - April)

Are you ready to bite the bullet? Sink your teeth into these delicious FULL SIZED Chocolate Handguns! Each chocolate gun is hand poured and handcrafted by our very own family here in the U.S.A.! The Chocolate Guns are Full Size, and include a full size, REAL padded gun case. The chocolate guns are extremely popular gifts for both gun lovers and those who would never touch a real gun. No matter who it's's nearly impossible to resist a full sized Chocolate Gun :)

*IMPORTANT - Please note that due to the summer heat, we are not able to ship the chocolate. Chocolate is usually available from Early Octber - Mid to late April. We hope you'll consider purchasing during that time period. In the meantime, our other non-chocolate items are available and make awesome gifts as well. Thank you!