Chocolate Weapons - Chocolate Ammo and Chocolate GunsChocolate Weapons - Chocolate Ammo and Chocolate Guns

Welcome to Chocolate Weapons!

Untitled Document : Your Chocolate Ammo Headquarters

Welcome to! If you are looking for Chocolate AmmoChocolate BulletsChocolate Guns, or any other deliciously dangerous Chocolate have come to the right place! We carry a full array of Chocolate Weapons that will let you satisfy your sweet tooth, while reaffirming your Manly (or Tough-gal for the ladies) appearance. Get ready to have the best "Near Death by Chocolate" experience of your life!

Feast Your Eyes on our Chocolate Guns & Chocolate Ammo!

How the Chocolate Ammo & Chocolate Bullets Came To Be...

"...driving back from a successful hunt. Dirty, grimy - hadn't bathed in days - but we were happy! Were were discussing our existing chocolate business, and someone blurted out 'We should make chocolate bullets in a mini ammo can!' We all had a good laugh for a few minutes while we imagined ourselves selling Chocolate Ammo to our current customers, which consisted of high end hotels and caterers. 'Yeah right...seriously, Chocolate Bullets?!? No way!' And then it struck us...continued (to finish reading this - Check out our Chocolate Ammo & Chocolate Bullet Story here)