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Zombie Sardine Can Survival Kit

  • $ 1199

The Zombie Apocalypse Survival in a Sardine Can is the perfect item to have in case of any Natural Disaster or Emergency! Great for Hikers, Hunters, Survivalists, etc. It’s lightweight, airtight, and is so small it can fit in your back pocket! Contains 25 survival items in a genuine air-tight, waterproof, crushproof sardine can! Put one in your car, RV, or motorcycle, fishing vest, backpack, bike etc. Great for home or office! It’s The PERFECT item to have in case of a Natural Disaster, Emergency or THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Zombie Survival Kit Contains ►compass ►whistle ►matches ►first aid instructions ►razor blade ►pencil ►non-aspirin pain reliever ►fire starter cube ►adhesive bandage ►energy nugget ►wire clip ►reflective signal surface ►fish hook ►fishing line & spool ►duct tape ►note paper ►sugar ►salt ►gum ►reclosable bag ►antibiotic ointment ►tea ►safety pin ►alcohol prep pad

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