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DEER Target - Life Size Deer Target for Archery or Rifle 3-in-1

  • $ 6499

Life Size Elk Target - for Archery or Rifle

Want to get as close to the real thing as possible when training for your upcoming Mule Deer or Whitetail Deer Hunt? This FULL SIZE - LIFE SIZE Deer Target is as close as it gets to hunting the real thing. 5 feet long, this Deer Target is made of Heavy Duty woven Vinyl, and made to withstand harsh weather conditions such as wind and rain. This Elk Target will last season after season with proper care and use. Simply hang the banner in front of your appropriate target backstop and take aim at the dimensionally accurate vital target area.

  • LIFE SIZE & Dimensionally Accurate
  • Deer Target is 5 feet long x 4 feet tall, with hanging height grommets
  • LIFE SIZE Vital Organ Target Zone
  • LIFE SIZE Skeletal Structure visible
  • Deer Dimensions Printed on Target for yardage reference
  • Includes 2 extra practice targets printed on the Deer Target for more shooting practice.
  • Helps develop real world shooting skills on a LIFE SIZE animal target!

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