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AR-15 Soap Gun

  • $ 2200

Ready to blow the stench away? Use this absolutely monstrous AR-15 'Ass-ault' Soap Gun and unleash the sweet smelling beast in your shower. This is a massive bar of soap weighs in at almost 2 pounds and is almost a foot long! Get it by itself, or add the options full size REAL GUN CASE for the ultimate protection against the stench monsters!

  • ►AR-15 Soap Bar - Mini AR Soap Gun
  • ►The AR-15 Soap Gun is 11 inches long!
  • ►This is a BIG bar of soap - Almost 2 POUNDS
  • ►Modeled after the AR15 / M16 Machine Guns
  • ►Makes the perfect gift for any gun enthusiast!

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