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The Legend of Billy McCoy and His Chocolate Deer Poop

The story goes that many years ago, deep in the rugged landscape of the Rocky Mountains... there was a legendary mountain man by the name of Billy ‘Big Buck’ McCoy. People knew Billy as the most skilled hunter and tracker in all the West. He could track the biggest deer and elk in the whole territory - his secret? He would tell you it's all in the poop...

Ya see Billy had a strange 'gift' of being able to pick up a pile of deer or elk droppings, sniff them...taste them...and then be able to tell exactly where that monster buck or bull elk was headed or bedding down. Then, as quietly as an owl swoops down on his prey...Billy could stalk the animal and get so close that he could actually catch their droppings before they even hit the ground. His stealth was unmatched, and as proof of his superior tracking and stalking skills, he would catch the droppings and bag them up in little fabric sacks to keep as trophies.

Given Billy‘s propensity to taste droppings while hunting, and given his habit of keeping the poop in bags, the little bags became know to the locals as Billy’s Chocolate Poop.

Rumor has it that as Billy got older and couldn’t hunt anymore, he eventually went crazy and would open a bag of his ‘Chocolate’ Poop and start snackin’. He would wander the streets of the town braggin’ about how his chocolate poop was the finest tasting in all the west.

Why don’t you be the Judge? Enjoy a fresh bag of Billy McCoy's Chocolate Poop today. Made from the freshest and finest American Made Chocolate - and guaranteed to be the best tasting chocolate poop in all the west. Copyright © Devan Muir 2013

Chocolate Deer Buck Poop Candy