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Chocolate Reindeer Poop - The Magical Story You NEED to Know!

The Magic of Reindeer Poop

Christmas is a magical time, but if Reindeer really fly around the world and visit every house on Christmas eve, why doesn't anyone ever find Reindeer poop? You would think it would be all over the ground and rooftops everywhere, right?  The fact is that Reindeer are not just ordinary animals, and Reindeer poop is not just ordinary's magical, just like the Reindeer. Santa's Reindeer are fed a strict diet of sugar and sweets. It's this special diet that makes Reindeer's poop so special (combined with the fact that they are simply magical - just like the Easter Bunny). You see, a Reindeer poops chocolate...that's right...chocolate!  And every Christmas eve, Santa sends out an elite team of elves - armed with shiny silver spoons and little cotton sacks - to gather it all up and leave the little bags in the stockings of only the best behaved boys and girls on the top of Santa's Nice List. So, if you've been a good boy or girl this year, dig down deep into your stocking and maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones who are given a bag of magical Chocolate Reindeer Poop. Merry Christmas! Copyright 2013 © by Devan Muir 

Chocolate Reindeer Poop Candy