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Zombie Poop - Candy Bones

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Zombie Poop Candy Bones. Zombie fans will love these vintage printed cotton bags filled with fresh Zombie Poop (bloody candy bones). Each bag contains a buttload [(yes we said it ;)] of delicious blood colored candy bones and makes the perfect gift for anyone fascinated, terrified, or obsessed with Zombies and the Apocalypse! To find out why Zombies poop bones, read the story below (also printed on the back of each poop bag).

You'd better watch out, they're coming for you.
They're hungry for BRAINS and need something to CHEW.'
Chomping and grinding and slupring and moans;
Then after digesting they'll POOP out your BONES!

If you want to survive, and stay un-infected
the cure's in the poop, but use as directed!
One serving a day & the outbreak won't spread...
But forget even once and YOU'll JOIN THE UN-DEAD!

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