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Magic Unicorn Poop - Rainbow Flavored Poop Candy Bag

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Want the perfect Unicorn Party Gift?!? It doesn't get any better than EDIBLE Magic Unicorn Poop Nuggets :) These beautiful cotton pouches are wonderful keepsakes after all the poo has been chewed! Each bag contains 4oz of rainbow flavored candy!

  • Perfect for Unicorn themed gifts/parties!
  • Packed in a collectible cotton pouch
  • A fun Unicorn Poop Origin Story is printed on the back :)
  • Includes 4oz of rainbow flavored candy
  • Approved by toddlers around the globe!
Magic Unicorn Poop Origin Story
"We all know Unicorns are magical, but did you know that they survive solely on a diet of rainbows, glitter and stardust?? This special diet travels through the Unicorns crystal coated belly, and is slowly converted into magical, EDIBLE, fruity flavored rainbow colored poop nuggets!
We employ a small elite group of Elves and Fairies from the Enchanted Unicorn Forest to harvest the tasty rainbow nuggets and bag them up for your snacking pleasure! Grab a bag o' magic poop and let the flavor of the rainbow blow your mind" - Copyright 2017 by Devan Muir

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