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Chocolate Gun - Full-sized Solid Milk Chocolate 1911 Handgun

  • $ 2999

**IMPORTANT** Due to hot summer weather and the risk of the chocolate melting during shipping, we are not able to ship the chocolate at this time. We typically resume chocolate orders in late September once the weather cools. Thanks for your understanding!

Chocolate Gun - Full-sized Solid Milk Chocolate 1911 Handgun: Superb hand-crafted detail and made from almost a full pound of silky smooth Milk Chocolate candy, the Chocolate Handgun will give anyone the best "Near Death by Chocolate" experience of a lifetime! Modeled after the classic 1911 .45 ACP, it's even packaged in a REAL, padded gun case! The Chocolate Handgun is the perfect gift for any gun-loving man or woman. Throw in a couple cans of Chocolate Ammo, and you will have the ultimate gift!

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